Institutes and Centers of the CSIC

Research groups of the CSIC

SusPlast proposes an interdisciplinary synergistic approach involving materials science and biotechnology in a joint action to develop new technologies and strategies to meet the challenge of sustainable plastics towards a Circular Economy.

The platform is composed of 39 Research Groups belonging to 20 CSIC institutes and centers:

CSIC Institutes and Centers participating in SusPlast

Margarita Salas Biological Research Center


Institute of Polymer Science and Technology

Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology

Institute of Integrative Systems Biology

Institute of Catalysis and Petroleochemistry

National Centre for Biotechnology

Barcelona Institute of Materials Science

Institute of Materials Science of Seville

Institute of Marine Sciences

National Centre for Metallurgical Research

Institute of Carbon Chemestry


Institute of Carbon Science and Technology

Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research


Institute of Chemical Technology


Zaidin Experimental Station


National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology

Research Institute for Food Sciences


Subtropical and Mediterranean Horticultural Institute “La Mayora”


Institute of Materials Science of Madrid


Institute of Structure of Matter