The CSIC has published the SCIENCE4POLICY report coordinated by SusPlast for free download.

Under the title “Fighting pollution by plastics”, the SCIENCE4POLICY program of the Higher Council for Scientific Institutions (CSIC) dedicated to promoting “science for public policies”, has recently published a very relevant and innovative report which has been prepared and coordinated by scientists from the platform such as Auxiliadora Prieto (SusPlast coordinator) and Juan Rodríguez (SusPlast deputy coordinator), Cinta Porte Visa and Amparo López-Rubio.

The report reviews from its origins to the current situation we are experiencing with the use of plastics, putting on the discuss serious environmental and health problems, such as microplastics, to propose strategies and challenges that can reduce pollution towards a circular economy.

One of the challenges that are proposed is in the management of bioplastics for the future. “If we want bioplastics to be the future, we must approach their production and management holistically, including assessing potential risks to the environment and human health,” the report says.

In addition, the report proposes some initiatives to address the problem, such as: chemical strategies, biotechnological processes and approaches, studying the effects of plastic pollution on the environment and human health, and finally contributing to the regulation and certification of polymeric materials. more sustainable.

You can read and download the full report by clicking on this link (only spanish version):

(Researcher conducting tests for the characterization of polymeric materials, PTI SusPlast ICTP)

(Researcher working with a bioreactor, CIB)